Water tanks

Water tanks
Water tanks


Advanced Manufacturing Technology

The Siksik tanks (300 - 500 - 1000 - 1500 - 2000) liter are manufactured with advanced technology that gives the tank strength, durability and long life span.

The advanced “blow molding” method, the modernist global technical method used in this field, is used in the production of one-piece water tanks. The tank is also mechanically controlled to obtain the required thickness in the wall.


Quality Control

The tanks are produced according to the highest international quality standards. It is made from

pure, non-re-industrial raw materials, universal origin, and certified by the Food and Drug

Administration (FDA).


Day-to-day testing by a highly experienced team of engineers.

  • Inspection of finishing
  • Checking the nominal size
  • Shock testing
  • Checking the thickness of the wall
  • Checking the actual size
  • Checking the tank resistance for cracking
  • Checking the sealing of the tank
  • Checking longitudinal
  • Checking the weight
  • Checking the dimensions


Siksik Tanks Design Characteristics

  • Double rings ribs give the tanks durability and hardness.
  • The tanks are one-piece which gives them strength, durability and long-life span.
  • The tanks have swatches for easy transporting and lifting, and to avoid tank fall during installation.
  • Connection points are particularly reinforced by increasing their thickness.
  • The base of the tank is designed in a special way to ensure the stability of the tank.
  • The tank has a 50 cm wide opening for easy installation, maintenance and cleanding.
  • The tank cover is airtight, easy to install, and is made of internationally approved sanitary materials.


Siksik 5000 litter tanks

are manufactured with advanced rotational molding technology that gives one-piece water tank.

Siksik tanks features

  • The tank has a 50 cm wide opening for easy installation, maintenance and cleaning.
  • The tank is manufactured corrugated with built in ribs to enhance its durability.
  • Three layers technology.
  • Stainless Steel Straps (304) that gives the tank strength, durability and long life span.
  • Scale every 1000 liter in tank wall.
  • The tank is manufactured from pure raw material certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • The tank can be welded in case of cracks or fractures.


The tank consists of three different layers?

Siksik tanks are characterized by three-layer technology, which can only be applied using raw

materials that are not re-manufactured.

Why pure HDPE materials and not recycled materials

  • Easy cleaning.
  • No smell.
  • Healthily safe.
  • Long life span.    


Siksik Tanks Features

  • Safe and easy to clean.
  • Does not change the taste, color and smell of water.
  • Maintain water temperature due to three-layer technology.       
  • Resistant to chemicals, oils, vinegar, and diesel.
  • Strength and durability against hits.
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