Water tank 1500 L

Water tank 1500 L
Water tank 1500 L

Quality Control

The tanks are produced according to the highest international quality standards. It is made from

pure, non-re-industrial raw materials, universal origin, and certified by the Food and Drug

Administration (FDA).


Day-to-day testing by a highly experienced team of engineers.

  • Inspection of finishing
  • Checking the nominal size
  • Shock testing
  • Checking the thickness of the wall
  • Checking the actual size
  • Checking the tank resistance for cracking
  • Checking the sealing of the tank
  • Checking longitudinal
  • Checking the weight
  • Checking the dimensions


Siksik Tanks Design Characteristics

  • Double rings ribs give the tanks durability and hardness.
  • The tanks are one-piece which gives them strength, durability and long-life span.
  • The tanks have swatches for easy transporting and lifting, and to avoid tank fall during installation.
  • Connection points are particularly reinforced by increasing their thickness.
  • The base of the tank is designed in a special way to ensure the stability of the tank.
  • The tank has a 50 cm wide opening for easy installation, maintenance and cleanding.
  • The tank cover is airtight, easy to install, and is made of internationally approved sanitary materials.

Siksik Tanks Features

  • Safe and easy to clean.
  • Does not change the taste, color and smell of water.
  • Maintain water temperature due to three-layer technology.       
  • Resistant to chemicals, oils, vinegar, and diesel.
  • Strength and durability against hits.
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